Friday, May 22, 2009

Turkey Recap 2009

Well I would love to be able to say that I called in a nice big Tom and put a well placed arrow in him but that is not the case. I can't say that I didn't try my hardest though, I am convinced that turkey hunting is one of the tougher hunts you can do, up at 3 am and in MN you can hunt till sunset so that puts you right around 830 pm this time of year. It isn't the physical part of it just the lack of sleep, after seven days of it you can't wait for the season to end and the weather where do I begin? I love this state but honestly the weather can change on a dime on Saturday morning I had 3 layers of Under Armour on with temps in the mid 30's and winds in the upper 20's it wasn't warm but I knew it wouldn't last, by Wednesday I woke up to 72 degrees and winds that blew a steady 45-53 MPH all day long and by noon the temps were in the mid 90's you have to love it. I definitely had my opportunities but just couldn't seal the deal but I had a blast trying. The only picture I really have is of the load you have to carry around when trying to hunt these buggers with a bow plus camera equipment it makes a guy wonder how much work a turkey is worth? The other picture is from a recent carp shoot only a week and a half till we can shoot at night can't wait.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Food Plots 09 part1

Well I have been busy putting in my food plots for the spring, Turkey hunting starts tommorrow for me, hopefully I can get an arrow in one. I will keep you posted, sorry about the length of the video on the food plots I had a lot to say.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Badlands Packs

I have been using Badlands Packs now for 6 years. Over these six years I have found that they are one of the toughest packs on the market. Not only do they fit like a pack should by putting the weight of your load on your hips not your back these things are nearly indestructible. And if you do succeed in destroying one you will very happy with Badlands unconditional warranty. I have been asked to pass on this video for everyone to see how much weight you can actually put in your badlands! Check out the video on the side bar of my page under badlands 2200.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Deadly Combination

Well turkey season is getting closer and I felt the push to get everything in order. Most importantly making sure my equipment is dead on. We all hear it all the time you owe it to the animal this is very true but you also owe it to yourself, no one goes hunting and expects to miss, we have all done it but that doesn't mean we like it. I just received my 2009 Quest HPS( high performance solocam) man this bow is going to be a killer. I had them paint it all black for one reason because it looks cool, I have killed tons of animals with a camo bow now I am going to try it with a black one. I have nicknamed my bow Black Death. I am also shooting the new Duravane Fusions these little buggers are flying awesome. I am getting solid groups as far as I can shoot with field tips and broadheads. Put some Montec cs on the ends of my arrows and I have a feeling I am going to be deep frying some turkey before I know it.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Dads turkey hunting season

Hunting turkeys is somewhat of a new thing for our family, we have been able to hunt them for the past 8 years in our area so in the spectrum of things I would not consider us to be experts by any means. My Dad ( Kurt) has had really good luck racking up 6 birds in Seven years of hunting them. Those are great odds considering the first few years we had a very small population of turkeys. Dad has opted to use a muzzle loading shotgun the last 6 years and I don't believe he will ever go back to a modern shotgun. This season dad and my grandpa (Andy) hunted hard but when the weather doesn't cooperate usually the turkeys don't either. They did manage to call a few birds up but they just wouldn't come out of the brush which happens a lot when you are hunting turkeys in the woods instead of on field edges. My one day off for the week happened to be during dads season so we made an attempt to fill that tag, I called two beautiful toms in but again they just wouldn't come out of the brush Dad did take a shot but I think that a sapling took most of the Beebe's and not the turkey. I would have most definitely also taken the shot. Even though dad didn't get one, there is something about hunting turkeys that drives me crazy, and being able to share it with family makes it even better.

Side note: Dad was able to capitalize on a coyote that thought he was going to have an easy meal of our Montana Decoys.