Monday, February 4, 2008

Hitting The Trails Again!

Well after not really finding any antlers last weekend and sitting threw -40 below windchills all week I figured it was time to hit the trails again. Saturday afternoon I called my hunting buddy and friend of 17 years Eric Williamson (A.K.A I'm one lucky bastard who kills a lot of Big Deer) and told him we should check out a particular piece of land. I feel when shed hunting you have to plan the work and then work the plan. If you just start following every trail you end up walking big circles and all of a sudden you are right back where you started. I like to think of it as combing an area, work in a strait line stop every so often and check all the side trails then go back and pick the trail up where you left off. Having two or more people is key, it is very tough in big wooded areas for one guy to effectively find sheds. Also don't be afraid to stop and look behind you, once and a while the antler might be hidden in some brush or grass.This weekend all 4 of the antlers we found were within 40 yrds. of some type of swamp or water hole. I have no idea if there is any type of correlation here or just dumb luck but i'll take it. This was by far our best one day shed hunting trip we not only found some decent sheds but also a killer rub ( picture at top of page).