Monday, January 28, 2008

Shed Hunting or should I say Scouting!

Well after several days of extreme cold outside, I finally couldn't take it anymore. I had to get outside and do something, anything. I decided I was going to go take a quick walk around the old whitetail woods in some of my favorite hunting areas. Well my "quick" walked turned into a couple mile hike back in the woods. I had one goal and that was to find some bone "a.k.a deer antler." I know it seems early to be looking for sheds, but I had talked to several individuals in the area who had been finding a shed here and there. My hopes were high as I chugged threw the shin deep snow. Right away I found some really good trails. The farther I walked I kept thinking about the big bucks I got on film early last summer. I hadn't heard of anyone shooting any of them and hopefully, they made it through the toughest part of the winter. But like many of my shed hunting trips, it soon turned into a scouting mission for next year. This time of the year is one of the best times to locate those "magic" areas. I.E Bedding areas, rub lines, and staging areas. What I like about scouting right after the season is that even if you do bump a big buck usually it is enough time for him to settle down and return to that area. I never did find a shed that day but there will be many more chances to get out and stretch the legs. I look at shed hunting as three fold.

1. Looking for sheds

2. Scouting for next year

3. Getting in shape for turkey season

I recommend the following gear to have along:

For more than 6-8 inches of snow - a good pair of snow shoes. (Tubbs are very durable and light)
A good back pack for carrying some Wilderness Athlete products, and any antlers you will find. (I have had very good luck with my Badlands Monster Fanny.)

If you plan on bringing your binos, which you should, you will need some type of containment strap. I wouldn't recommend anything other than a Del Norte Outdoors Optic Belt. It takes all the strain off your neck while holding your binos as tight as you want. No more swaying side to side as you walk threw the woods. Also they are great hunting with as you can adjust how high or low on your body you want them, so they will never be in your way when you shoot. Check out my photo section for pictures of the Optic Belt and check out there website.

Monday, January 21, 2008


I had the opportunity to attend the 2008 ATA show (Archery Trade Association) in Indianapolis, Indiana. What a show! It not only had everything there that a archer could imagine, but I met more people then I ever thought was possible. First off, if you haven’t ever heard of Wilderness Athlete, just wait because it isn’t going to be long and you will. We were the entire "buzz" at the show. It was backed up by some of the biggest names in the industry. IE: Cameron Hanes, Bill Winke, Guy Eastman, Fred Eichler, and Randy Ulmer, and not to mention some of the best pro staffers in the industry. They're such a great tasting and healthy choice of supplement and snack. Also, I was finally able to meet everyone at G5 Broad heads. I've been on their pro staff for a few years now, but I never had the chance to actually meet them face to face. They’re such an awesome group of people, and not to mention they have unbelievable products. Some of the products I had seen were, for one, Roscobie riser cam. This is a stabilizer that also has a lipstick camera in it. I was very hesitant because no one has ever been able to make this actually work, but I think they did it from what I can see. The film is actually good and the recovery time from the shot is very fast. All your footage goes right to a SD card and it runs up to 7 hours of film time on 2 AA lithium batteries.The other products that caught my eye were the new Full Metal Jacket shafts from Easton. A definite advantage is a little more kinetic energy.

07 Season Recap

07 Season Recap
Well the hunting season is long gone, and as I look at the thermometer it reads -6. From the sounds of the wind outside, I am sure the wind-chill factor exceeds -15. Now all I can do is start preparing for next year, although, the next season is going to be a lot different than this year I will guarantee. You see, this year I took a layoff starting the last week of October so that I could spend as much time in the woods for the next 2 months. In MN the rut usually kicks into high gear by the first week of November, not so this year. I hunted from Halloween day until the end of the season, and seen minimal signs of a rut. I saw deer, don't get me wrong. I was even lucky enough to tag two does for the freezer, but big buck activity was non existent. I rattled in several one and a half year old deer and passed up a nice one sided 8 pointer, but the deer we obsess over all year were no where to be found. And I'm sure you’re thinking, “Well maybe you don't have any big ones around.” This would be an obvious answer. I might have given that a thought if I hadn't got four popers all on camera a month before the season opened. I haven’t ever seen one of these deer while in a stand. All in all the season was fun. I spent dang near everyday in the woods for 2 months. I learned a lot in that time. I was also able to put some new equipment to the test and give Wilderness Athlete products a try. What a great product! When I was sitting all day during the rut, cold, and windy conditions I would eat 2 bars and have one drink in the morning. Then, at about noon I would have another. I would be satisfied all day long. I can’t wait to try it out in the back country!