Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ice Fishing

Well there isn't a whole lot to do in central MN in the depths of winter except to go find some frozen water and drop a line or two. I haven't been fishing near as much as usual this winter probably due to the fact that it has been extremely cold. In sub zero temps the fish don't even like to bite to much. The times I have been out we catch some fish but nothing super. It still doesn't matter though it is just fun getting on the lake and enjoying company with your friends. I enjoy talking about the past hunting seasons and what went right and what went wrong. Trying to figure out where we should put in food plots in the spring and all of that good stuff. Hopefully we get some type of warm up and it cranks the fish up a bit. I will keep trying till the ice go's out.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

ATA 09

Man where does the time go? I swear that I was just writing my very first post on blogger called ATA 08. Well lets just say things are looking good in the archery world. Working the G5 and Quest booth doesn't give a guy much time to walk around, which is a good thing or I have a feeling my wallet would be even thinner than it is. I shot a few new bows on the market and depending on what your looking for I do believe there is something for everybody. I met a ton of cool new people and caught up with a few guys and gals I don't get a chance to talk to on a regular basis. G5's booth was rockin all week long right along with the quest booth. I have to say that quests new bow line says bow hunter all over it. Even the Bone Collectors themselves swung by the booth a few times and brought along a buddy by the name of Blake Shelton. I have to say that Blake is about as down to earth as they come and has no problem talking hunting. If you have not seen the new Bone Collectors TV show you better get on the bus because it is what hunting is all about. You can check the times on . Be sure to check out all the new G5 products at your local archery shop also. I love the ATA but hate it at the same time, every year afterwards I just get jacked right back up for the hunting season when I know I have a few months before old tom turkey will start gobbling again. I have a feeling that I am going to be making a trip south after some long beards one of these years.