Thursday, June 5, 2008


Sorry once again I have been extremely busy and haven't had any time to get on the computer. Well Ashley and I are proud parents of a beautiful little girl named Miley Maria she is definitely a princess, but I have a good feeling I will be able to get her out in the woods with her dad in the fall. She is for the most part a very good kid she definitely has her moments but don't they all. Work is extremely busy now that we have almost all of the segments poured they want the rest of them done overnight it seems. Working over 60 hours a week and trying to spend as much time with the family and also taking care of the things around the house I was surprised I even made it into the woods turkey hunting this spring. I basically had 2 days to try filling my tag. Day 1 had some gobbling early 3-5 toms I am figuring and also the hens were extremely vocal which as you all know is not a good thing. I never did call any of them off those hens that morning. Day 2 same as the first morning lots of gobbling hens making as much noise as they could so I figured I was just going to out call the hens. I would cut every hen off anytime she tried cutting I would cut louder and harder, eventually they kind of quited down and so did I. A half hour went by and I no birds had shown up and I was starting to get that bad feeling when you think you may have done to much calling but low and behold 5 birds popped out of the woods and started strutting right where I was sitting the day before. I had one young tom start filtering my direction and he got to about 30 yards and was coming in good so I was going to wait for the close shot, this is where it gets crazy! all of a sudden something cracked a branch behind me in the woods and I wasn't the only one who herd it so all the birds start heading back into the brush my bird had stopped broadside so I ranged him quickly at 34 yards drew back settled on his wing butt and pulled the trigger. My arrow flew beautifully hit right where I was aiming the bird tea kettled over got up tried to fly but he couldn't and he just ran to the edge of the brush behind me I just sat there and then I heard his wings beating on the ground. I took my time packing up and figured he would be laying right where I had seen him last. Once I got there all that was there was blood and a bunch of feathers. I have only been this disappointed once before in my hunting career. I looked for 2 hours for that bird under every piece of brush and clumps of grass. I have know idea what happened to him. We do have a lot of coyotes in that piece of woods and with all the calling going on I don't know if there is a chance that a yote got to my birds before me? very unlikely but I really have know idea where he went. I hate losing animals it leaves a very sick feeling in your gut for a long time. That was my bird hunting for 08 hopefully next year I can make it over to Nebraska and Wisconsin to chase some birds.