Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sweet November !

Now is the time all deer hunters look forward to all year long. We've all been in the woods a good month and a half now and most have probably put some meat in the freezer. Hopefully we have all gotten dialed in here for the next three weeks of hunting for it is the time that at any point the bucks can start running the does hard. I have had some good time in the saddle already this season 2 does and some chances at others. But now is the time to really try to sit longer and be patient. I will have 3 days next weekend at home then it is off to wis. to try filling my buck tag, then back home for a few days before heading up north for the gun opener which I will only be using my bow once again. The season is getting primed this year with some actually cool temps and good moon times falling the first week of November. I just get jacked up thinking about big mature whitetails cruising midday threw the timber on the field edges checking for does. So good luck to all of you this primetime of the season. The picture I added here is of my hunting buddy Eric Williamson and his 06 buck a prime example of what putting time in on stand can get you.

Friday, October 10, 2008


One week ago exactly I harvested my first out of state deer and tonight I am pleased to say I put a nice home grown central Mn doe on the ground. I hurried from work at 2:00 and headed home to grab my check and get it to the bank on time and then busted tail to the woods. I had a strait east wind which ruined my original plan to hunt behind the farm. I went to my little honey hole that works well with a east wind and scurried up the tree with my saddle, I can't say enough good things about the saddle; quiet, versatile, and most of all comfy. I was hanging out for about 1 1/2 hours when out came my doe all by herself, she bee lined basically right for my tree as if she was on a string. She turned broadside at 22 yards and I grunted to stop her and let the ole Montec get in her and eat! No tracking necessary. That was my 3rd hunt in a row that either I or someone else harvested a deer not a bad streak to have going. Beautiful weather and just a great night to be in the woods.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Wisconsin Part 1

I can finally say I hunted the great state of Wisconsin! What a great hunt, it all started a year ago when I met Jerod Fink of Baldwin WI. Jerod was my pro staff director at Wilderness Athlete and it didn't take long to figure out we had much in common. We were able to hang out at the ATA show and stayed in contact via phone and different bow hunting forums. We came to the conclusion that we better get together and chase some whitetails. That brings us to Oct. 3rd-Oct.5th 2008. Friday night we met up in Hudson and drove to some of Jerod's property. Not knowing exactly where we were going to set up we found a sweet travel corridor that the deer and turkeys were using on a regular basis. We found a tree that we both headed up in our tree saddles and started to get situated. To somebody just walking by this would have looked pretty funny two full grown men both hanging 20 feet up a tree with 2 bows and a badlands 2200 oh yeah and don't forget the camera and camera arm. Well we were enjoying the evening and watching some of the biggest squirrels this MN kid has ever seen when sure enough 2 does come down the trail behind us. It all happened real fast and the camera guy gave me the go ahead so I settled my pin on the vitals at 35 yards. I let loose and she only went about 30 yards. How do you top that? Same day set up and a fresh back straps. Don't forget that doe gives me rights to a buck later in the season in all EAB areas.

Saturday morning after taking care of the doe from the night before Jerod and I had to do a short stint at a sportsmens warehouse in coon rapids MN for wilderness athlete. Not a whole lot of people out and about due to the waterfowl opener in MN, but we still chewed the fat with a few folks and spread the word of wilderness athlete. 2:00 came around and it was back to the woods we go, tonight was Jerod's turn and I was was running camera once again we headed to the woods with a area in mind but nothing pre set, we were struggling to find any trees big enough or not covered in brush but we found the spot! sometimes the ole gut just knows a good location and it never hurts when you find a lone apple tree in the middle of a transition area. Using the wind in our favor we had to go old school and made a temporary ground blind out of grass and choke cherry bushes. If we pull this off we are two lucky guys I mumbled under my breath at one point but by 6:00 we were out of the woods with another beautiful doe. Two nights two deer and a great time hanging out with friends. Thanks to Jerod for all his help and to his wife Keri and son Ty who I have a feeling might just be a killer when he gets a little older. We captured all of Jerods hunt on film and I will definetly be adding it to the collection, my hunt however was not caught on film due to an over excited camera man who was unfamiliar with the camera. LOL Don't worry Jerod you will be able to redeem yourself I am sure.