Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hog Hunt 08

It's finally here, hunting season 08. I started it off a tad bit early this year by booking a Russian Boar hunt in Brainerd, Mn. I did not know what to think for I had never hunted in a high fenced area before. I have to say that it was not even close to an easy hunt. I had in mind that we would do a little stalking and eventually find our hogs and pick the one we wanted, WRONG. We were on hour 5 when we came to the conclusion that there was entirely to much vegetation and area to be able to cover effectively. We had to go to plan B, what is plan B you ask well I like to call plan B the redneck way, hounds. I didn't want to do it but we needed to get a piggy on the ground like pronto, this was only a one day hunt and we were already into afternoon. Long story short we finally located two pigs and thats when the fun began. Kirk Henchen from Princeton, MN was along for the ride and we shared film duties for the day. Kurty as I like to call him won the rights to first hog with a mean game of rock, paper, scissors. Kurty's hog was thinking about putting a charge on the camera guy but an Easton Axis tipped with a G5 Striker made him change his mind. One hog down one to go. When I first located my pig she was laying under some brush well out of sight. After a grueling 30 min. of cat and mouse through quite possibly some of the thickest vegetation in central mn. I was able to make a nice clean kill at about 10yrds. This was the first hunt I was using G5's new tekkan 1.5 inch cut and man you have to see what these things can do holy cow. All in all it was a great hunt, if you would like information on Northstar ranch get a hold of me via email. Less than a month till archery opener in Mn. I can not wait. Stay tuned for video

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Food Plots

Well I have been in the woods quite a bit the last few days basically I have made some quick trips in to check and mow a few food plots. My plots look real good we had good rain early on and it seems that the ground has held good moisture for all my grasses and clovers thus far. There is plenty of browse for the deer in the woods so I don't expect for my "secret Spots" to get real hot till the end of Sept. or mid Oct. I drove around last night and glassed a bunch of fields, I did see a few does and fawns but no Freak Nasty's. I can definetly till it is countdown time to opener because it is the only thing that I can think about. 2 weeks till my hog hunt I had to make some changes to my archery equip. this week but I am back to shooting Dead Nuts at 50 + yrds with my g5 broadheads. I have been using my rinehart 18-1 target that is guarenteed for a year and I am bound and determined to give it my best to wear it out. Shoot strait and I will talk at you soon.