Tuesday, September 22, 2009

North Dakota 2009

The beginning of sept. found me along with 4 other guys from Wisconsin on a trip to the badlands of North Dakota in search of Mule deer and maybe a whitetail or two. The trip went great except when we ran into a hatch of some type of bug that literally made it dangerous to drive in for lack of vision. We hit our destination around 230 am Mountain time. We never did go to bed that night we got our stuff ready and were out glassing by a little after sun up. We seen some deer that morning and actually were able to glass a real good Mulie on what we are positive was private land. After heading back for a quick nap and lunch we all headed out in some different areas, Jerod and I bivy hunted an area he had found the year before. I put the stalk on a bedded buck but couldn't get any closer than 100 yards to him before he busted. We hunted hard in some tough weather conditions extreme heat and one nasty rain storm made for some tough maneuvering. In the end we went 3 for 5 which is pretty decent with archery equip. I had my chances but I just couldn't seal the deal. I learned a ton on that hunt and can't wait to get back next fall.

Now it's time to hunt midwest whitetails, I have been out a few times already and have my sights on a buck I call swamp thing, his core area is in a funnel with two swamps and my food plot, it is going to take patience but I am confident he will mess up a little closer to the rut. Until then I am just going to hunt nice and easy and let him make the next move, there is a lot of season left and I am going to enjoy every minute I can.