Monday, June 22, 2009


Long Nose gar? if you would have asked me about them last year I wouldn't have had much to say, ask me what I think now and I have lots to say. After spending a day on the lake with good friend Forrest Robeck and Team Full Barrel Bowfishing Team (Keith and Tyler) I can definitely say that gar are one of my favorite fish. Just the look alone is awesome, now mix in there speed, stealth, and great camouflage they are the ultimate predator in the lakes they inhabit. As you all know I love to shoot carp with a bow but when the offer came up to go on a gar hunt I have to say I was a little worried. I knew I could hit carp but gar? These little critters are a fourth of the size of a carp. But after 15 minutes being on the lake I had my first one in the boat. Forrest struck first when we trolled up to a spawning group, there were fish everywhere and Forrest capitalized on a nice 4-5 pound fish. Seeing all the tails coming out of the water when they are spawning is a really cool sight. In the end we had a total of 16 gar. It was steady enough shooting to keep you busy. But that was only part 1 of a two part hunt, after shooting all day we left the lake and headed for a different honey hole to shoot carp and buffalo at night. We got on the lake around 10:00 and we were in for the long haul. We loaded the boat on the trailer around 5:30am and headed back east. We ended up with 96 fish total for the day/night. I figured we were on the boat roughly 17 1/2 hours, that is a good shift of shooting fish. Once again I have thank Keith Imholt and Tyler for letting us tag along. These boys have it going on when it comes to putting fish in the boat, Keith has a great set up and loves seeing other people get the shooting in. Thanks once again.

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